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Silicon carbide ceramic bulletproof

Carborundum brick

Time:2022-9-14 10:23:26 

Baotong no-pressure sintered silicon carbide ceramic is a new type of bulletproof ceramic material, which has excellent properties of low density, high strength, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. It is currently the preferred general material for making ceramic bulletproof plates, mechanical seals, sandblasting nozzles and other components. The no-pressure sintered silicon carbide ceramics produced by our company have compact internal structure, fine grains and superior bulletproof performance.

Density :≥3.14g/cm3

Hardness (abrasion) HV:≥2800

Three points bending strength :≥400MPa

Silicon carbide bulletproof ceramic products


1. Light weight

2. High hardness

3. High protection level

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