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What are the advantages of using silicon carbide for casting?

Time:2024-3-12 11:29:26 
1. Prevent carbide precipitation, increase ferrite content, and reduce white spots
2. Significantly improve cutting performance and mechanical performance.
3. Increase fluidity, stabilize the composition of molten iron, and prevent segregation.
4. Reduce wall thickness sensitivity, make the tissue dense, and make the cutting surface smooth and smooth.
5. Enhance graphics core capabilities and increase graphics cores.
6. For ductile iron, it is a powerful deoxidizer that can reduce the amount of nodularizing agent added and improve the nodularization rate.
7. Restore rust and alloy, reduce the cost of molten iron.
8. Eliminate the oxidation factor of molten iron, reduce the oxidation of furnace walls, and extend the service life of furnace walls by 30%.
9. Strong deoxidation and purification of molten iron.

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