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Silicon carbide, where is it expensive?

Time:2022-7-13 15:35:36 
Silicon carbide semiconductor is the core material of the newly developed wide-bandgap semiconductor. Significantly reduce product power consumption, improve energy conversion efficiency and reduce product volume.

It is mainly used in the radio frequency field represented by 5G communication, national defense and military industry, aerospace, and the power electronics field represented by new energy vehicles and "new infrastructure". It has clear and considerable market prospects in both civilian and military fields.

my country's "14th Five-Year Plan" has included silicon carbide semiconductors in key support areas. With the implementation of the national "new infrastructure" strategy, silicon carbide semiconductors will be used in 5G base station construction, UHV, intercity high-speed railways and urban rail transit, new New infrastructure fields such as energy vehicle charging piles and big data centers play an important role. Therefore, the wide bandgap semiconductor represented by silicon carbide is a strategic industry facing the main economic battlefield and the country's major needs.

Silicon carbide has obvious advantages in the manufacture of radio frequency devices, power devices and other fields. However, in the field of radio frequency devices and power devices, the market application bottleneck of silicon carbide substrates is its high production cost.

The restrictive factors affecting the cost of silicon carbide substrates are slow production rate and low product yield, mainly due to: the current mainstream commercial PVT method has slow crystal growth and difficult defect control. Compared with the mature silicon wafer manufacturing process, silicon carbide substrates are still relatively expensive in the short term.

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