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black silicon carbide grain size sand

Time:2022-7-14 15:57:35 

Black silicon carbide grain size sand; it is a non-metallic mineral product generated at a high temperature above 1800 degrees Celsius with quartz sand (SIO2) and anthracite or petroleum coke (C) as the basic raw materials. It has high hardness, small expansion coefficient, chemical Stability, certain toughness and good thermal conductivity. It is widely used in bonded abrasives, coated abrasives and free grinding, electronic product grinding, refractory materials, special ceramics, foamed ceramics, coating and plastic modification, auto parts, military aviation, steel-making deoxidizers, etc.
Baotong silicon carbide grain size sand is produced by high-power furnace smelting, high-quality raw materials of silicon carbide with high purity and large crystal particles. With professional production equipment, it provides high-quality products for the bonded abrasive industry and the shaped refractory industry. .
Product features, regular particle shape, particle size cluster, high bulk density, high cleanliness of particle surface.

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